Top Seven Opening Tee Shots

By Bud Garmany

As with any list that attempts to profile the "best of the best," there is a lot of room for discussion, interpretation, and even disagreement. We hope that you enjoy reading about our top seven


Northern Ireland: Golf's Moment in the Sun

Northern Ireland is quickly rising on the list of most desired places in the world to visit – particularly for those who embrace bucket list golf and unforgettable experiences. In fact, Lonely

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The Best Golf Courses in Scotland

In 1457, King James II issued an Act of Parliament that banned golf in Scotland, as His Highness believed the game served as a distraction for his soldiers from practicing their archery. It was

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The Top Seven 19th Holes in Golf

We've decided to begin at the end...since this is where some of our finest golf moments are first relived, perhaps embellished, and always made more memorable when shared with others. This post

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